This page is dedicated to the photographs of outer spaces of La Villa dei Principi – a Wedding Ceremony Villa in Rome. You can see a splendid park surrounding the Villa. It is also possible to decorate the park for various ceremonies both during day-time and night-time. Nice lights can make the feast even more unique and romantic.

If you plan your ceremony for day-time or evening, the magnificent gardens of the Villa can create even more romantic atmosphere by adding torches in the strategical points. You should remember that we can personalise your event if only you wish. But taking into account the beauty of environment, this event will be memorable both for the couple and their guests.

To make your event or feats even more unique, the staff is ready to take care of every detail of the ceremony and to create memorable dessert and fruit wedding bar (using the fruit craving method) and, as well, excellent snacks. A common feature of all of them is the foodstuff quality and outstanding presentation thereof.